Reconstruction Surgery tomorrow

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Ack, what happened!?! I have completely neglected updates on this blog, partly because it's been hard to make the time and once I was feeling better I was back to over-extending myself and trying to be "normal" again. I am not Wonder Woman. Hard to admit, but I'm finally learning to say enough. My stubborn Irish side didn't want to let cancer slow me down, so I kept trying to work full-time, volunteer, and keep my side business going. Too many things fell through the cracks, so I'm finally learning to let go and hand off responsibilities to others who want to help. I've been spending more time with family and friends which has left less time to be online, but I do plan to catch up, as sharing this journey has really helped me get through it.

It's amazing and surreal to say I HAD cancer. Recovery has been complicated but I'm getting closer to the end. The next step is Reconstruction Surgery. I'm nervous and excited to replace the expander with the permanent implant tomorrow. Excited to have this uncomfortably inflated space holder out and nervous to see how the implant feels. My fear is that the implant will still hurt as much as the expander. We'll see, I'm hopeful it won't.

Wish me luck!

For those that have asked to help... if you want to bring us dinner, take my kids, or visit me and bring me lunch feel free to sign up on the calendar here:

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