Week 3. No chemo!

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My oncologist called me after dinner and the genetic testing of the tumor came back as "low" so there is no benefit to chemo. I will be taking Tamoxifen soon instead. Bring on the hot flashes.

My genetic testing is partially in, and I'm negative for BRCA 1 and 2 so I get to keep my ovaries!

Recovery is slow, as I'm having exceptionally more pain and sensitivity than most of my plastic surgeon's patients. This weekend I fainted twice and have had bad dizziness spells. Doctors think its the combination of my low blood pressure and the meds. So I need to stop the Gabapentin (nerve pain) and flexeril (muscle relaxer) and only use over the counter ibuprofen. :(
I'm getting a blood pressure monitor to better track what's going on, increasing salt in diet and drinking more fluids, along with eating smaller meals more often to help.

I have a few more appointments with plastic surgeon to fill the expander and then I'll recover for a few months before the next surgery to exchange the expander with the permanent implant.

I start work tomorrow, but will be working from home for a week since I can't drive until the fainting/dizziness is resolved.

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