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Reconstruction surgery went really well. My doctor exchanged the expander with a permanent implant. I have one patch of skin near the center of my chest that's a bit questionable. Instead of risking tearing the skin she ended up placing the implant a little further outside. Since my boobs were already set a bit wide, it shouldn't be that noticeable.

Compared to my last surgery, this one really was a walk in the park. The biggest challenge is to not use my right arm for the next three weeks. I need to make sure I don't do anything jarring that could move the implant out of place. The pain meds make me a little nauseous and lightheaded but so far we haven't had any of the fainting spells from last time.

We set up another meal train for anyone that wants to help us with dinners, driving to doctor appointments, bringing me lunch on the weekdays, or taking my kids. We will need help through at least July 15 when I'm able to use my arm again. The sign up calendar is here:

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